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10EX NET stands out as a premier international provider of A2P SMS gateway services. Our expertise lies in ensuring smooth connectivity via diverse access routes like PaaS and SaaS. With a dedicated emphasis on advancing cloud communication technology, 10EX NET continuously introduces groundbreaking global services spanning SMS, Voice, Number, and SaaS applications. Based in Hong Kong, our footprint extends to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. Our overarching goal is to furnish enterprises with comprehensive communication solutions as they pursue global growth.

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"Empowering global connectivity, one message at a time. Together, we bridge borders and amplify voices, crafting seamless communication solutions for enterprises worldwide."
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Reduce No-Shows

Be it a job interview reminder, a hair appointment alert, or a notice for MOT renewal, utilizing bulk SMS proves to be a valuable tool in minimizing no-shows.

Manage Workload

Utilize 10EXNET throttling feature to schedule your bulk SMS campaigns effectively by dividing them into smaller batches. This ensures optimal delivery and engagement.

Retarget Customers

Is there a segment of customers who haven't engaged recently? Easily upload them into a separate group and send them a targeted message to reignite their interest.

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Boost Your Sales

Achieve the engagement you desire with the support of our team of content specialists. After you've crafted your content, we offer complimentary reviews to ensure its effectiveness.

Analyze Success

Access post-campaign data effortlessly through click and delivery reports, enabling you to segment your audience based on their behavior.

Carbon Neutral

We are committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions, ensuring that every message your customers receive is carbon neutral.


The OTP SMS that Just Works

Users of the platform will receive randomized numerical verification codes via SMS. These codes play a crucial role in verifying user identity during app and website registration and login, payment authentication, and password retrieval processes.

Highly Adaptable Solutions for Enterprises

Registration Login

Obtain verification codes via SMS for quick registration and login on platforms such as Apps and websites.

Password Retrieval

Acquire verification codes through SMS for swift password retrieval and updates, ensuring account security and preventing account theft.

Payment Verification

Receive verification codes via SMS to validate user identity, safeguard accounts, and prevent financial loss when conducting high-value online transactions.

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Powerful Features that Optimize Customer Service

"Enhance Customer Service with Advanced Telecom Features: Secure Transactions, Swift Identity Verification, and Seamless Communication."

Comprehensive Coverage over 220 countries and regions with multi-language support.

Enhanced Speed and Performance: Benefiting from servers stationed across multiple global locations, data transmission occurs within milliseconds, catering to both Web admin panel and API functionalities."

Queue Control: Facilitates SMPP, HTTP, and intelligent traffic distribution.

Exclusive Network: High-quality voice channel linking over 1000 partner operators worldwide.


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